PACDEFF 2014 CRM Conference and Workshop

The Executive Committee were approached to sponsor the 2014 Human Factors and Crew Resource Management Conference known as PACDEFF.  After careful consideration the Executive decided it would be appropriate to sponsor the event when held in New Zealand as it aligned very closely with the views of the Air Pilots Company and would further promote our name within the industry.

Below is a report by Mark Simich. 

I attended this Conference in the good company of Ben Chamberlain. It was an excellent three days attended by a large number of people from a wide range of endeavours from within the aviation community. There were some excellent and well qualified specialist presenters from the Military, Psychology, University, ATC, Human Factors, CRM and Medical disciplines, NZCAA and EASA.

Wayne Martin the convener thanks Air Pilots NZ for the generous supporting donation. He intends to continue to run this annually alternating between New Zealand and Australia and is hopeful we can continue to provide support in New Zealand. He believes Air pilots Australia will continue to support the Australia held conferences. 

We can be proud to have contributed to its success and I hope more members will be interested in 2016, with an interest in aviation, we should all be, it was a very valuable three days.

I commend all members to have a close look at the website with this years agenda and presenters. They are the best in the world.  :